Sacrificial Mutilation and Death in Modern Art - Van Gogh's Ear

Jake and Dinos Chapman are connected with the YBA (Young British Artist) generation, and were included in the famous Sensation exhibition of works from Charles Saatchi’s collection in the 1990s. Depicting sometimes strange, violent or sexual imagery, their works could be described as provocative or even shocking, but an element of wit often underlines their art. Van Gogh’s Ear, derives from the 1990s video art piece Sacrificial Mutilation and Death in Modern Art, where different artists are portrayed as cartoon-like characters who meet a sticky, deadly end. Here, Post-Impressionist artist Van Gogh paints at his easel, depicting his famous wicker chair and pipe, only to then be spooked into severing his own ear, with gory results. This work is part of a series entitled Sacrificial Mutilation and Death in Modern Art is available exclusively through Sedition.

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