Who's Afraid Of Red, White And Black?

In place of a typical description Jake & Dinos Chapman have included a poem alongside the launch of their new edition Who's Afraid Of Red, White And Black? A 10-minute video piece drawn from three separate screens, this self-referential piece encapsulates the raw, emotional power of the Chapman brother's work, and is perfectly captured - in mood and intensity - by the poem.

  • Under the magic ascendancy
  • of scribble and the crushing
  • opposable-thumb a hunter
  • with an ogre-like head
  • poached by a rabid dog
  • emerging from a dark cave
  • snapping at the hand
  • whose savaged imprint
  • reappears in a cave in Castillo
  • with two hundred mutilated
  • hands at Gargas to ward off
  • evil eye-sockets wearing
  • a magical diamante collar
  • of the Aurignacian period
  • threading fangs of slain prey
  • sucking plasma of sacrificial
  • animal’s bones hand-carved
  • by deft artisans into magical cattle-prod
  • which matches the perspectival
  • size and shape of one of the
  • Easter-egg Island petroglyph shells
  • decorated in the background
  • carved from volcanic lava
  • rolled over wooden logs
  • to propriate the spirits of the dead
  • mummified remains painted
  • in crude-oil trompe l’oil foreground
  • rock crystal skull glows
  • radiating light through
  • a thin grey skin wash - yet behold!
  • to the left of the camp commandant
  • wrapped in barbed wire
  • chained to a wooden scaffold
  • a captured teddybear is mocked
  • by nomadic Ghiliak tribes
  • before they gorge themselves
  • on its tortured fun-fur’s
  • Passing Iglukik female demon
  • goes off in search of game
  • from the mother of all sea animals
  • Enclosed inside a pack of ice
  • which melts in summer she
  • falls and loses consciousness
  • on the mountain being unable
  • to recover until a beneficent dog
  • has licked her frozen heart warm.
  • Mummy Pynry-Wayrgyn lives in the moon
  • squeezing fish and sea-creatures
  • from her nipple which swim towards
  • sinister fishing nets –
  • the sinister spirit of nervous maladies
  • the spirit of epilepsy,
  • the spirit of St.Tourette
  • the spirit of ether or opium
  • the spirit of vacuum packing
  • the spirit of the industrial machine-gun machine
  • the spirit of the looming Jacquard loom
  • the assistant spirits of the Tunguska
  • shaman’s felt-tip circle weaving
  • the mandalas of the Hindus
  • the zodiacal plans of pre-Colombians
  • and clenched solar beams
  • squeezed through the cathedral’s
  • clenched petal aperture
  • filling the vestibule
  • with debauched lapping
  • buttresses of choir boys
  • whispering in the shower
  • attendant’s ear a shaman
  • from Tunguska clothed
  • in the death's head
  • insignia of his succession
  • exorcising his priesthood
  • in the midst of a people who look
  • upon their abnormalities as the cracks
  • through which unseen powers manifest themselves
  • A host of ancestors sapping the fear
  • of fruitless love borne in the name of
  • the departed, the benevolent or terrifying
  • of ancestral figurens carved
  • in a railway transit of logs and rags
  • The remembrance of the dead
  • in New Guinean earthen-ware parties
  • An inomminate skull upholstered
  • with the skin of an ancestor
  • whose virtues they wish to preserve
  • for themselves and their descendants
  • a snake standing up like a cock’s comb
  • or jester’s hat on the head
  • of a long-eared devil from a Bolivian
  • tourist casting spells with Congolese nails
  • while Enguerrand de Marigny
  • is hung at Montfaucon for casting a spell
  • on Louis X’s papier-mâché effigy
  • hung on a miniature wooden gibbet
  • A glassy obsidian Luger pistol
  • studded with pearls and precious stones
  • dedicated to Huitzilopochtli
  • sits in its leather holster
  • symbol of the metaphysical objective
  • behind ritual holocaust reflects
  • the belief in the necessity of assimilating
  • those forces which having left the dead
  • will come to inhabit the body of the excutant –
  • all seven million of them
  • and staring out into the black bitumen
  • tongue flashes of superheated gas
  • warp away from the turbulent corona
  • of the moon-sun,
  • compressed helium ignitions
  • arcing back into superviolent gravity...
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