James McClure

Oxfordshire, UK

Progress, Co-Existence and Intellectual Freedom

Cotton, metal, plastic, TV screen. Various dimensions, 2013

This started with the leaves, which when I took the photograph at the beginning of autumn were these wild, intense colours I'd never seen before - I mean, some of them were blue. Really kicking off at a time of year when the world seems to be going to sleep. The piece then came together when I found a handmade shirt at the bottom of a charity store rag basket. Probably a story there, I thought, because it's not the sort of item even a rich guy would give away. Something must've happened.

I like the idea of cycles and change - revolution, in the literal as well as the political sense, so it's not a shock. Rather - change is inevitable, and not something to be afraid of. The use of the screen and the way that my slogan is printed and pinned to the shirt reference Punk and the Situationist International, with the TV (the latest LED LCD) and the printing process (hand-set type, like the original Anarchists would have used) bringing two ends of a mass communication cycle together. I didn't want to take these powerful ideas and make a karaoke version. This needed the force of history and technology. It needed to look both surprising and inevitable.


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