My art is about creating more inclusive patterns in our understanding of ourselves and others. From the data they generate, I create individual, group, and company portraits—animated abstractions of these data—for collectors and audiences. To do so, I combine psychology, data mining, programming, and audio/video editing. Data Art, an emerging art movement that is original and innovative, uses data and generative technologies to create relevant reflections on life in the 21st century. The work naturally appeals to intrepid collectors as well as cutting-edge technologists who are ready to leave their aesthetic mark on contemporary culture. My artwork cuts a new path in data driven, computational, and generative art at the intersection of the human and the machine. Using a collector’s own data, I create animations of the patterns in these data, revealing outliers that do not fit existing forms, and then exposing larger patterns that incorporate these anomalies. Viewers instinctively find their own patterns in this data-driven art, comparing and contrasting what they know about the source against their own interpretations of the abstract imagery. Viewers of this artwork also create their own outliers, which lead to new patterns, and thereby create new ways to enlarge their own view of themselves and others. website --