- Meditation 09 - Human and nature 2015 -

"meditation 09 " video art is the results of a total immersion in nature, spending hours to observe and catch details, working after in studio not to add effect, only to be close through the picture as it's possible to the real time of the event, by working colors, lights, and motion

The work with Suguru Ito ( piano ) on the music is a very important part of this piece, adding a sensation of time, and beeing synchronised with nature in a sort of meditation. Recorded live, the piece is after mixed on studio, in order to follow the real time of filming.

*Meditations* is a series included in installation " human and nature " presented during Basel art Week and Zurich art fair in 2014 and 2015. The cross media installation is based on the emergency alarm to the continuously deteriorating status of our planet, which calls to an absolute necessary preservation of nature, message that we have to transmit to future generations, in order to prevent that biotopes and species disappear, leaving behind for the coming centuries only vague and imprecise images, videos and artefacts as attraction in cabinet of curiosities.

Jean-François Réveillard mix actually different digital media, video, 3D printing, and also classical technique like japaneese drawing and painting, in order to find a balance between technology, nature and human being.

Jean-François réveillard

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- Meditation 09 - Human and nature 2015 -by Jean-François Réveillard .JfR.

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