Jean-François Réveillard .JfR.



Does art have any meaning as a message or merely as an artifact
in a future in which man is gradually losing his place on the planet ?

Jean François Réveillard poses the question of the traces that our existence
and civilizations will leave behind. He refers to the challenge and role
of art to guarantee permanence and sustainability.

TRACEs 2020 is a cross media installation where each pieces is showed in RL,
assembled with 3Dprint sculpture and through videoart film live inside nature.
The pieces presented inside the installation are a confrontation between the shape
made by human and nature, illustration of footprint that we let with artwork.

Jean-François Réveillard aka JfR

Jean-François Réveillard aka JfR (Engelberg, Switzerland) likes to define himself as a cross-media picture maker. His work always revolves around a central theme with strong statements. He is influenced by philosophy and modern life. His creations use the latest techniques, but always remain grounded.

Jf Réveillard applied new technologies to his works early in the 1980s and launched one of the first European WebTv and digital TV studios in 1997.

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