Jean-François Robardet

Nancy, France
French artist Jean-François Robardet was born in Nancy in 1980. He deals with themes such as desire and memory, unity and anarchy, nature, autonomy and waiting, absence, loneliness and relationships. He uses a variety of media without preference, which he combines within one and/or several systems. Each piece, which can be an autonomous object or part of an in-site installation, is part of a family of works generated in different times and places, with the idea of drawing an invisible anatomy and establishing networks and bonds between collectors. Each exhibition is an opportunity to create a new piece, and each creation is shown only once. Then, depending on the case, it can be documented, acquired, transformed or destroyed. Each system speaks its own language and uses its own protocol, following the example of a music album, with an original track listing, featurings, samples, singles, B-sides and remixes. He concurrently develops his practice as a curator.