transpire meditation

Transpire meditation was created in 2021 as part of an ongoing series of one minute meditations. The 2D, hand-drawn, animation is created by first making a complete abstract digital painting and using an animation app to “bring the painting to life”. Original ambient music is composed and recorded by the artist after the film is completed. Ovila practices meditation in his daily life and offers these pieces as a meditation experience. Meditation is about experiencing ‘now’ and the goal with these is to have a sound and vision experience where the viewer is only focused on the art, not thinking about what has gone or what is to come.
The origin of the one minute meditations came from taking size and length restrictions for social media and seeing them as an assignment and challenge. Instead of using one minute as a preview to a longer experience, Ovila decided to see if he could create a complete expression/experience within the set perimeters.
In this particular piece, the intended outcome is for the viewer to have a feeling of watching something happen where the vantage point is both near and far at the same time.


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