Bioplastic Fantastic

Bioplastic Fantastic investigates some of the possible new types of products and interactions which might emerge from material innovations in the fields of bio- and nanotechnology. It speculates about the future design and use of domestic products made from enzyme-enhanced bioplastics. The work’s concept is based on a recent scientific breakthrough in the synthesis of functioning “biological” cells made from polymers and enzymes.

Halfway between products and organisms, seven prototypical “biological devices” can produce all the food and energy needed for humans to survive simply as a result of being exposed to light (through artificial photosynthesis). They produce water, vitamins, fibre, sugar, fat, protein and minerals through ‘biological’ processes, allowing humans a more self-sufficient lifestyle. All of the device designs are based on bacteria which function similarly in nature. The devices combine biological functions with non-living materials through nanotechnology.

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