Consequences is part of The Anesthesia Quartet, a collection of four video works by John Sanborn. The works explore the formation of self - the concepts that tie us to an idea of self and the everyday challenges we must face to maintain a sense of self. The works express self as both a fragile construct requiring constant work and a powerful structure through which to navigate and process the world.

"What we are what we are not. Our will eradicates doubt as we struggle with faith. All that I will never be- define who I am. I strive to complete the picture, knowing full well that I will run out of time.

After you have put off facing the truth for as long as possible, and you have lied and cheated in order not to cry – there remains the euphoria of release. Redemption lies in the confession of our sins. We fear our failures because we’ve been schooled to “win”. It’s prohibited to embrace collapse – it’s a sign of weakness and ruin. Anything out of the norm is not to be spoken of in public – and in fact if you can ignore it completely – do it.

We are shamed by our own morality.

There is no disgrace to failure; it’s a fact of life. Catastrophe fuels evolution and disappointments release catharsis. How you recover to survive is the point.

- John Sanborn


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