Morpheme is part of Remix Boogie-Woogie (Dance, Descend, Repeat), a new collection of three artworks by John Sanborn.

Few things are as sublime as a melody. Picaresque and concise, the notes float through the barriers of conscious thought and rest gently on our id. An etymology suggests we are seeking a melodic self, sustainable and eternally pleasurable. Once we can” hum” this melody we repeat it as often as possible, in the form of our language, and our rhythms and our routines. We manifest melody in the rules of baseball, the Rokeby Venus, and the mnemonics of our youth.

Da capo, or “take it from the top”.

Music | Protée 1 | composed by Un Drame Musical Instantané (Birgé-Vitet-Gorgé).

Performer | Margaret Cromwell.


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