Museme is part of Remix Boogie-Woogie (Dance, Descend, Repeat), a new collection of three artworks by John Sanborn.

A series of “R”s (as it should be). Reiteration, Recurrence, Rerun. Remix. The life that I have Is all that I have, and the life that I have is yours. Tangled up in the fury of our daily lives are inspired moments of clarity buried amongst a casual fracturing of time and space. One layer obscures the next as it reveals another. An onion of truth that makes us weep. Over and over we wrestle with fiction verses fact, as our emotions get the best of us. Like the witches who meet on New Years, we are affairs waiting to happen, explosions of passion that threaten to drive us mad with pleasure. And still we dance.

Music | Glass Houses #7 | composed by Ann Southam | Performed by Sarah Cahill.

Performer | Margaret Cromwell.


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