Phoneme is part of Remix Boogie-Woogie (Dance, Descend, Repeat), a new collection of three artworks by John Sanborn.

Within a structure, harmony is a desired destination. When one is in the groove, a harmonic convergence occurs, and variations on any theme delivers joy. Even approximations, when in harmony with a standard, tune vibrations to major chords that resonate with our animal selves. Psyche sits with Cupid and good stories demand retelling, with alterations added containing the aspects of age. Personal signatures are “Dal segno” where ownership is penned through echoes.

Music | Gwerz de l'Ame juste | composed by Jean-Jacques BIRGÉ. CD Perspectives For the 22nd Century; MEG-AIMP 118; International Archives of Folk Music (IAFM); Museum of Ethnography, Geneva (MEG).

Performer | Margaret Cromwell.


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