Juan Carlos Sánchez Duque

Ciudad Real (Spain)
Juan Carlos Sánchez Duque, Puertollano (Spain), 1969, Industrial Engineer, Teacher and New Media Artist. He has exhibited recently with the National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts, the Gallery Fúcares of Almagro, Gallery Rafael Ortiz of Sevilla, Ar+51 of Toledo, the Gallery B&B Contemporary Art of Madrid, the Gallery TEXU of Oviedo (1otherSpace), Gallery Aleph of Ciudad Real, Gallery Léucade of Murcia and Quixote Ciudad Real’s Museum. It has been awarded in the festival MADATAC of Madrid, and he took part in a several Round-Tables of the festival. He has taken part in BEIJING ART FEST of Pekin, in the Korea Foundation Global Center of Seoul, in the Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki of Krakow, in the Fadjr International Visual Arts Festival of Tehran, in the DIGITAL ART CENTER of Taipei & in the festival MIDEN of Kalamata, Greece, in the festival Off-Loop and the festival Kronos Art Bcn, both of Barcelona and it has been awarded and selected in festivals as Videoformes, Optica, VAD, Space ENTER, Technarte, and he has participated en magazines like “21 Le Mag” and “Artnobel”. www.duqueart.com