RGB Invert 3 Cycles:3Fases 8x6

RGB Invert 3 Cycles:3Fases 8x6- (form de series Color Spaces)
Digital video 1920x1080 1minute loop.

A color space defines a model of color composition.
RGB space is a 3-dimensional model, that is, the three primary colors; Red, green and blue mixed additively can form the most visible color to the human eye. It is the usual model used to transmit video signal.

"Color Spaces" are a series of video compositions from an initial canvas of tiny dimensions (4x4pixeles) with solid basic color (RGB) that are then extended with various ratios and resolutions to finally form a high resolution image . It is because the effect of the interpolation with I get to create "color fields" that are degraded to vary the phase in which they are.

with "Color Spaces" transfer to the realm of the "physical" something as abstract as it can be a pixel, to do something tangible as if it were a painting. Binomial between digital and analog with that want to represent "the new and the old." No past, no present.

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RGB Invert 3 Cycles:3Fases 8x6by Juanjo Fernández Rivero
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RGB Invert 3 Cycles:3Fases 8x6
Juanjo Fernández Rivero
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February 24, 2018
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