Juuso Voutilainen

Syysjärvi, Lapland, Finland

The Watcher and the Fire

The warrior stood ready. The creature did not know the blade he had with him. In an event never written into the pages of history, Telchar of Nogrod forged one more weapon. Responsible for the forging of the two legendary swords, a third one was made. A cousin to Narsil, as it also reflected the golden flare of the Sun and glared with the cold fire of the Moon. And as was unique to this blade, the already brilliant shine was empowered by the glimmer of the Stars above. For the virtue of the flames of the Narsil hosted within the steel, the blade had the power to rekindle fire to the hearts that had grown dim. But as it was also kin to Angrist, so too it's edges were ever sharp, standing in readiness to cut through any darkness. The creature sensed something within the blade, intimidated by it. And the blade shall be called Elentirith, the Heavensward, a watchman to the spheres that are the hosts for the white lights of forever, the prime enemies of the darkness of Morgoth and Utumno. As the light that fell into the cavern and hit the blade, it did not only reflect it, but enhanced it, radiated it. A slightest shiver went through the Balrog seeing this truest form of brilliance.

A digital art piece inspired by J.R.R Tolkien's legendarium.


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