Juuso Voutilainen

Syysjärvi, Lapland, Finland

Winterfire Northern Lights

Real-time footage of Northern Lights calmly moving across the wintry night sky. Having been living in Lapland for the most of life as a photographer, Northern Lights have been the fairly obvious subject to try to capture successfully. After accumulating collection of still and timelapses, having them captured in a real-time format was the next challenge. Usually the technical aspects of the device is not the highest priority for me when capturing photos or videos, but for this instance, rather special equipment was needed. Shot in Lapland, Finland couple years ago with the Sony a7S camera, which has advanced low-light capabilities for shooting this phenomenon. The lens used was 24mm f1.4 to maximize the light falling onto the sensor, but the still the ISO had to be bumped fairly high. In post-processing stage, noise reduction was used to clean out the video.


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