Kane Cunningham

Scarborough, England, United Kingdom
Kane is a contemporary landscape artist based in the North of England. Best known for a sculpture/ art installation called the "House Project" he achieved worldwide media attention and notoriety for buying a house destined to fall of a cliff into the sea. This work has been featured in several television programme's and magazines across the world. Kane (born in Manchester 1961) is also a painter, sculptor, media artist and photographer. Kane said, 'The House Project has raised my profile globally, ( Through worldwide media coverage and interviews for BBC Radio World Service and the Radio France Internationale) it has offered me many creative opportunities including the chance to develop new works for the Tour De France in 2014." Kane recently produced a new work for the City of York, a social sculpture integrated into the City of York wall, which includes QR codes, a commissioned ceramic pot and soil from King Richard the 3rd grave. Kane said, ' I have works planned that are on a monumental scale. If you say to people I want to make a sculpture, they say so what, however if you say you intend to use an airliner at 30,000 feet to make a sculpture, they say pardon!'