Agâh - Painting on Metallic

Agâh: knowing, foresighted, aware.

Transcending state, permeating matter, the organism expands into a phenomen. An abnormal happening, a dejected form, an abjected presence. A circuitry of the present in evolution, of a chroma-cosmic amorphous signal, always becoming, in each and each passing, in trace of its roots. The image swirling, detached from the habitual, but in narration, of affect and sensation. A zone of immanence, contemplating on the finite, the spatial and temporal, and the aesthetics of detachment.

These works have been collaborated with Leyla Atavi where she initiated the artistic direction.

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Agâh - Painting on Metallicby Kaya Hacaloglu
X of 50
Agâh - Painting on Metallic
Kaya Hacaloglu
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February 24, 2018
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