The Siren's Call II

The Siren’s Call was made in response to Laura Jean Healey's original holographic film installation, The Siren.

The three filmed performances return to the clichéd image of the 'mythical temptress' to explore how women continue to be represented within art and to question how such representations are used to draw the audience into actively watching. By playing to the preconceived perceptions of the Siren, the three performances transcend the sexual clichés attached to the ultimate 'femme fatale' - beautiful, dangerous and always naked - and once again questions who is in control of the gaze: the watcher or the watched?

The three performances are to be read as one single piece, where each film gives each Siren a unique and distinct voice, but when played together as one, their individual songs become one haunting melody, designed to both entice and disturb their audience.

THE SIREN’S CALL Conceived, Directed and Produced by Laura Jean Healey

The Siren Performed by Gemita Samarra

1st Assistant Director: Roisin Marie Griffin
Underwater Cameraman: Mark Silk
Gaffer: Bernie Prentice
Phantom Operator: Liz Hoar
Underwater Housing Technician: Hugh Fairs
Musion Representative: Oliver Gingrich
Production Assistant: Cheryl Fenn-Healey
Hair & Make Up Artist: Claire De-Graft
Hair & make Up Assistant: Kat Wenham

Post Production by The Moving Picture Company
Post Production Producer: Thomas Cole
Colourist: Matt Osborne
Composer: Sam Bucknall

Mark Silk
Bernie Prentice
The Underwater Studio
Dave Haupt, Thomas Cole & The Moving Picture Company
Rosin Marie Griffin, Oliver Gringrich & Musion Systems Ltd.
Adam Coles, Tony Samuals, Peter Swarbrick & Panavision London

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