Sky Line (Tube Strike Edition)

Lawrence Lek’s Sky Line (Tube Strike Edition) is 3D animated virtual environment that is an interactive map of independent art spaces around London that is imagined within a fictional space and navigated by travelling around on the Tube to different stops. In this utopian setting travellers are given unlimited access to a floating railway line, which snakes between idealised galleries, hovering skyscrapers, mountain tops and other fragments of a make believe city in the sky. Modelled as a floating version of London Underground's Circle Line complete with characteristic sounds and a delicately discursive narrative. Each station gathers together multiple independent art spaces, their physically complex architecture transformed into idealised digital models imagined one year into the future.

The celebrated comfort and design simplicity of the underground is overshadowed by extended news coverage of strike action, which impinges upon real life as much as the animated world. Sky Line was originally commissioned for Art Licks Weekend 2014 in London and funded by Outset Contemporary Art Fund.

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