Animal Imagination 21

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Animal Imagination is a collection of 50 unique artworks created by software artist LIA. Taking references from nature and animals, the works present different geometric and abstract shapes, generative patterns and colours, which evolve uniquely in each of the two-minute digital paintings. From sea, to forest and animal references, each variation connects its coded base with an organic aesthetic, providing a sense of harmony between the digital and the natural.

Animal Imagination was initiated as part of a collaboration between LIA and musician Sommer Eide aka Phonophani. Together they performed a live AV performance in Stavanger and Bergen in Norway. For Sedition, LIA has recreated a live environment in her Vienna studio, in which she has captured a series of 50 unique artworks from the original code base. This algorithmic system serves LIA like an instrument with which she programmes each variation using different parameters akin to painting with code, generating new and delicately evolving variations with each work.

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