Mi Fu's Mountain

Liao Yibai has always tried to interpret traditional culture in his own way. Chinese calligraphy and painting have been the most training I have received since childhood. He still tries to use the computer programming language to illustrate his own understanding of traditional Chinese culture in his current works.

As teens worship Billie Eilish today, Mi Fu, a Chinese painter from the Song Dynasty, was the idol he studied and idolized wildly in his youth. Based on the mountain and Pines in Spring (National Palace Museum, Taipei) by Mi Fu, in 2017 in my New York studio, he created a 60-inch "Mi Fu's Mountain" oil painting. New York, 2020, during the spread of the COVID-19 Pandemic, isolated at home, He learned some computer code languages to create digital particles.

He was ecstatic. Combining the two just seemed like the next natural step. As with a wonderful spicy hot pot cooking process, after days and nights of calculating, a painting took another form. To the artist's surprise, a few words of VEX programming language can conceive such captivating visual results.

Liao Yibai’s appreciation for traditional art and modern technology are felt through his works.

Oil Painting: Mi Fu's Mountain by Liao Yibai. Music: 3 Hours created by Michael Vignola.


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