Sansan Leviate

Sansan Levitate is one of the artworks comprising the Sansan's Digital Saga collection by Liao Yibai. Originating from Yibai's sculpture series crafted 16 years ago, Sansan, made of forged stainless steel, represents the artist's personality and imagination. This piece captures Sansan's evolution as an animated character, navigating diverse digital environments. Highlighting the unique properties of digital animation where objects seamlessly move through one another, this artwork provides viewers an unparalleled visual journey, pushing the boundaries of time, space, and the realm of reality.

Sansan is a character from my sculpture series 16 years ago. He is a sculpture character made of forged stainless steel, a representation of my personality and imagination, and has been consistent throughout my artistic language. In recent years, I have tried to evolve its form into an animated character, trying to bind the Rigging system to make Sansan move and put him into different environments to experience the ups and downs of the virtual world.

Painting, sculpture, and film each have their unique artistic language characteristics. What should the language characteristics of animation be? What I am most fascinated with is the transversality of digital animation in virtual space, that is, objects can freely pass through each other, which is difficult for other artistic languages to achieve. Only this kind of algorithm-based digital animation language can achieve such a new visual experience.

"Sansan Levitate" is an attempt based on the transversality of digital animation, allowing the form and characters to transcend the time and space logic of the real gravity world. In a virtual space of artistic representation, with the help of machine learning and deep training artificial intelligence software, explore new cognition of human beings in various fields such as time and space, self-existence form, self-awareness, physical logic, and other fields in the visual and auditory art domain. - Liao Yibai

Music by ripples by tamuz-dekel from Artlist

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