Liao Yibai (b. 1971, Sichuan China) is a multi-discipline Chinese American artist. His works includes sculptures, paintings, calligraphies, photography, digital 3D animations, motion graphics, and documentary films. Liao Yibai’s love of art started at a young age. After graduating from Sichuan Art Institute, he focused on making sculptures and paintings. Later, he also ventured into film making, directed and produced documentary films. However, digital 3D design is not unfamiliar to Liao Yibai. In order to show his sculptures more efficiently and conveniently to clients, he started working with software for digital 3D designs. Through his work, he is exploring the connection between the virtual world and life itself. Collection of his works and public projects are on permanent display in private and public collections throughout many parts of the world including the United States, UK, Hong Kong, Macau, and China. His held his first solo exhibition while still in college, and has held several solo exhibitions in Beijing, Hong Kong, New York, and many joint exhibitions. He also exhibits regularly in Miami Art Basel, the New York Armory Art Fair, Hong Kong Art Fair, and the Aarhus Art Gallery of Denmark. He has lectured at the University of Michigan, Harvard University, MIT and other institutions on art and environment, art and technology, art and life, and is committed to local cultural construction and active in the world. Liao Yibai currently lives and works in New York & LA