You are my nebula

You Are My Nebula is a 3D moving image artwork by Liao Yibai. Exploring three-dimensional spaces, Yibai delivers a narrative throughout the collection, speculating about the connection between human and machine, and physical and virtual reality.

We are but a bunch of particles.
The distance between is farther than that of a black hole;
You are the nebula on the other side,
Levitating with me in the Cosmo
Longing through the distance, the vastness.
Sighing that the fairies descent down to earth on an assembly line

The furthest distance creates the nearest desire
We have virtualized all the fairytales that exist under the stars,
In a world of can and can not,
Virtualized all the happiness in the mortal world.
The scene is decisive, simple, advanced
Suffocatingly clean.

In that world, abundantly supplied
Are the laughters and howls
only there,
There is love, there is hate, and there is the waster.

Two souls under the stars
Your cry cuts through the sky.
I'll press mine against yours,
Dry your tears with my tears.

You are forbidden, forced to be virtual,
Can love be digitized?
1K, 1 trillion, or a T?

Music Credit: Infinity Cycle by Spearfisher

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