the tree with many heads

The Tree with Many Heads is a rhapsody of daily life. The idea is a mix up of feeling towards our living environment, especially the trees and plants around my studio’s area and peoples with variety of characters that I met or glimpse. 
We can see the tree is the dominant of the whole drawing composition, with variety of heads hanging or growing on the tree. Each of them has thought and worry, just like human. A women coming with the baby stroller, seems like waiting for her loved one, but with the feeling of anxiety. Some organic shape’s objects are keep getting out from the tree hole, and disappear at the end, like a symbol of life. The baby in the stroller as a witness for everything happened.
Besides painting on canvas, I also draw comic.The Tree with Many Heads is one of the ideas that I want to develop in a series, and I would like to taking this opportunity to turn it in a digital motion for Sedition.

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the tree with many headsby Lim Keh Soon
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the tree with many heads
Lim Keh Soon
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February 22, 2018
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