unmarked days

Could you lay low in this little cottage, tucked in the hills, if you were on the run? It’s a theoretical question, since the hills are made of packing paper, but I love how plopping a cabin in as a layer puts me back in Scotland, say, in this time while travel is just in our heads.

Digital collage, 10 layers © 2020 Liz Ruest

From a series titled "Unstable Ground" which ponders what our internal landscapes look like. We can wish they were soothing, but sometimes, it’s a jumble, full of trouble, mystery, adventure. Your labels may vary. Can a landscape be reassuring, and disturbing, at the same time?

As we navigate our lives, through constant change, how can we stay balanced and focused, with a view to that horizon? When the ground keeps moving, and life is a bit scary, how can we manage to keep exploring and moving forward?


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