Angel, Drawn Up

Angel, Drawn Up is a video work made as part of Louise Stern's SIGNS collection.

SIGNS is an unprecedented look at how written and signed languages filter the emotional response to iconic artworks. Including artworks and written responses gives people a frame of reference to understand how reactions are filtered.

In this new body of work, Deaf attendees to the St John Deaf Club in Haringey, London were asked to sign reactions to selected seminal, emotive artworks in purely physical, visual sign language. The subjects of the films were then asked to write down as many or as few words connected to these replies as they like. Swatches from digital images of the selected artworks, the handwritten words, and photographs of other found material from the deaf club,where we filmed the series, were then collaged into and onto the films to form a series of moving image portraits in collage form. Cutting edge technology merges with the physicality of 35mm into an acute interrogation of medium, environment, and articulation.

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