Coffe - Tokyo 2010 - An Austerity Soaked of Magic

This picture was taken in Tokyo, Japan. It is part of a work called "An Austerity Soaked of Magic" that consists in my Tokyo visual feelings.
"An Austerity Soaked of Magic" It's a Westerner’s journey into the city of clichés, which shows people that know our habits and how to imitate them, but that reveals to the "Gaijin” only its Sunday dress or a little more.
An austerity soaked of magic, shapes and colors that leave the viewer enchanted, with no thoughts and no words.
The work consists of 30 images taken with a full frame digital camera; the images were printed on a high-quality photo paper and some of them were sold to collectors. This is a work in progress and it has never been exposed to the public

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Coffe - Tokyo 2010 - An Austerity Soaked of Magicby Luca Sidro
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Coffe - Tokyo 2010 - An Austerity Soaked of Magic
Luca Sidro
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February 19, 2018
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