woman crossing the street - Minneapolis 2013 - Solos in the City

This picture was taken in 2013 in Minneapolis MN. The image is part of the work "Solos in the City".
"Solos in the City" is an analysis on the close relationship that exists between people and the environment in which they live.
Modern places, mostly cities, suburbs.
Only a pretext for focusing attention on the analogies that exist between people and places in which they live every day.
A look certainly melancholic, which amplifies the condition of loneliness of modern man to find his habitare secum, "to live with himself."
At one time, the rural areas were the arena of this solitary dance man, today is the city, the metropolis. At any latitude.
There was a time when the rural areas were the arena of this solitary dance man. Today is the city, the metropolois. At any latitude
A vision also so romantic and dreamy, that gives space to wide interpretations on the relationship between man and space.
This is a work in progress and the images are taken with different cameras (full frame digital camera, IPhone, compact cameras, digital and film cameras). The work was selected in 2012 from Olga Sviblova for Le Journal De La Photographie


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