Luigi Honorat

Tokyo, Japan

Intangible | Spherical Slices Rotation

Intangible | Spherical Slices Rotation is an animated artwork by Luigi Honorat which is part of the Intangible series presented as an ongoing form study exploring the possibilities of procedural modeling and animation. Started in June 2017, each study has been made within a few hours and focusing on one single idea. While being entirely made in 3D, the series retains some of the limitations of physical sculpture as it deploys itself within a particular space, using only one type of material at a time. Each study is made so that hypothetically the 3D rendered work could be turned into a physical sculpture. The starting point for this series was the lack of studio and storage space and the difficulties of working in sculpture in a space-limited city like Tokyo.

Intangible | Spherical Slices Rotation is available exclusively on Sedition, and it features a black sculpture of a human head composed of rounded slices of the topographical layers of the face. Using 3D animation, the slices begin to rotate slowly at different intervals, dividing the head into abstract forms that begin to resemble flower petals. Over time the slices rotate and eventually realign to form the original shape of the human head. The work is an exploration of sculptural form and possibilities enabled through animation.

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