Luigi Honorat

Tokyo, Japan

Intangible VI (Legacy)

Intangible VI is part of the Intangible V-VIII (Retrospective) collection of artworks by Luigi Honorat, stemming from the Intangible series which is an ongoing study exploring the possibilities of procedural modeling and animation. Started in June 2017, the series retains some of the limitations of physical sculpture as it deploys itself within a particular space, using one type of material at a time. Available exclusively on Sedition, this collection presents four retrospective artworks, studies of the same theme, exploring different variations and showing how the 3D rendered work could be turned into physical sculptures. The starting point for this series was the lack of studio and storage space and the difficulties of working in sculpture in a space-limited city like Tokyo.

In 2019, Luigi Honorat originally created the (Legacy) works from Intangible Series in HD and square format. As the series had attracted a great deal of attention by the viewers and collectors, Honorat remastered all the works in the series, from I to VII. Intangible VI is also available in 4K and 16:9 format on Sedition! Click here to view & collect the remastered work.

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