1. Repeating Myself is an audiovisual art-piece that exemplifies Queer Becoming as an inevitable state of futurity through disidentification and dismantled repetition. Within a society that is built on hegemonic pretence, queerness is always only approaching the present and never actually getting anywhere.
As a feminine queer person, the artist must deliberately differentiate themselves from an assumed heteronormative default to be visible as queer. However this is a performance that is invalid without an audience - and there is no way to encounter all of society in a singular timeframe to permanently solidify this existence. Performativity and disidentification cannot be applied in a clean sweep across a society, it can only be applied in the present, and must be repeated to some extent in every present after that.
This audiovisual piece shows a Utopian Becoming of self that Unbecomes from a relatable visual of facial humanness into a point of utopia. By repeating this sequence of Utopian Becoming in uneven pieces, 1. Repeating Myself visually depicts the non-linear temporality of queer existence. An audio recording of white noise is used within the piece and is slowly distorted as the sequence moves forward to mimic the need to Unbecome from what is actually already inherently there to enforce reaching somewhere.


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