Eye See is an audiovisual art piece that explores the possible expansion of narratives by using as little as possible. Three film clips of an eye were repurposed and collaged into their own independent narratives: Eye Want You, Eye Touch Myself, and Eye Get It. Yet when these three pieces are put together, they can form a larger story that is so widely relatable and also so deeply private. The extreme zoom into these clips influences feelings of invasion and suggests that the viewer maybe should not be looking at something so personal. This invasion mimics the zooming in on our phones or tablets into images that are not ours, yet we do it anyway, and cannot look away.
All three narratives utilise the same audio, allowing them to be viewed individually, as well as all at once. The sound is repetitive and frantic which intensifies this showcase of desperation through all elements of media within this audiovisual piece.
Eye See is an honest presentation of desire to say something, anything at all, in this hectic disposable society; and recycling what little the artist has ownership of anymore to do so.


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