Mark Amerika ‘Immobilité’ screening at Regent Street Cinema

Mark Amerika ‘Immobilité’ screening at Regent Street Cinema

Mark Amerika presents the UK premiere of his film Immobilité (2009) at the Regent Street Cinema in collaboration with The University of Westminster on Wednesday 11 May 2016. The artist will be present to introduce the film in a conversation with artist and curator Chris Meigh-Andrews.

Immobilité is the first feature film shot entirely on mobile phone. It was created in 2007, before the existence of the iPhone. Shot on a Nokia N95 device, the work was released in 2009. Through footage and layered subtitles it depicts an apocalyptic future in which a nomadic tribe of people works towards creating and sustaining a utopian dream.

Stylistically, Immobilité is influenced both by historical subtitled movies and by amateur recordings as found on platforms like YouTube. At a time when new forms of media were appearing at a rapid rate the video work asks a question still relevant today: “What is the future of cinema?” Appropriately, the chosen venue for the screening, known as the birthplace of UK cinema, has its own place in the history of the medium.

Amerika says, “The idea was to see what new form of moving visual art could be made using a mobile phone with video recording technology. This makes the fact that the work will have its UK premiere in the same cinema house that the Lumiére brothers premiered their earliest experiments in film especially exciting”

Immobilité is presented by the University of Westminster’s Institute for Modern and Contemporary Culture. The work has also been exhibited at the Denver Art Museum, Athens’ National Museum of Contemporary Art, and the Chelsea Art Museum.


Immobilité screening will take place on Wednesday, 11 May 2016 from 6:00pm at Regent St Cinema, 309 Regent St, London W1B 2UW. The event is free to attend. Register on Eventbrite ›

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