Angelo Plessas: Karma Mechanics

Angelo Plessas: Karma Mechanics

In a new solo show at The Breeder, Angelo Plessas presents a multi-media exhibition which looks at the material, social and emotional fluidity of the post-technological world.

Karma Mechanics, which is at The Breeder until 26 January 2019, explores the implications of digitally mediated culture and society by working with its materialisations. Material manifestations of the hyperconnected, server-stored, automated world question the impact of contemporary processes on domestic life, mental health, the body, superstition and religion. at digitally mediated culture and society through its rituals and materialisations.

The exhibition is an environment divided into compartments, each of which focuses on a different aspect of technically mediated culture: Science, Nature and Spirituality. Within these compartments, prototype rituals evolve, referencing aspects of contemporary life and offering insights into the contemporary state of being. These rituals constitute alternate scenarios of both utopian or dystopian propositions featuring media such as websites, hand-sewn quilts, video and home appliances. The exhibition features a range of media including websites, hand-sewn quilts, video, and home appliances. The works create loops, repeating patterns and connections, and ultimately form the mechanisms for alternative worlds.

KARMA MECHANICS is a course of study best suited for self-realizing robots. The sooner we come to accept our mechanical, robotic self, the sooner we can find the “mold” and break free. By confessing our “conditioned” robothood, we begin self-realizing as robots, in order to evolve into the humanity we are in essence. This starts when our “true feelings” become more rewarding than our conditioned responses. The challenge is in response-ability.. .the ability to respond creatively to the unknown.

Extract from “Angel Tech” by Antero Alli 


Karma Mechanics takes place at The Breeder, 45 Iasonos St, GR 10436, Athens until 26 January 2019

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