Another Banana Day for the Dream-fish at Palais de Tokyo

Another Banana Day for the Dream-fish at Palais de Tokyo

From 22 June to 9 September 2018 at the Palais de Tokyo, a group exhibition explores the human imagination as capable of invention and expansion, restriction and fear.

Another Banana Day for the Dream-fish takes its name from the title of a story by JD Salinger, A Perfect Day for Bananafish, in which a traumatised holiday-maker tells a spoilt child the tragic tale of the bananafish, who gorges on bananas until they cannot escape their feeding-holes, where they die. The exhibition looks at the childlike sense of wonder, a human capacity which connects innovation and violence. A sense of wonder, depending on circumstance, can invent, sustain and nurture, or can damage, destroy and imprison.

The works in the exhibition links everyday realities to fantasy worlds, weaving together mundane and fantastical narratives to produce a fragmentary space / identity in permanent construction. Both playful and confrontational, the exhibition confuses as it defines, leading visitors into strange corners, initiation ceremonies, scenes, puzzles and choices.

Clément Cogitore, the exhibition’s dramaturg, has carefully devised the materials and spaces in the exhibition in collaboration with artisans and artists, so that it is an immersive experience and a piece of live theatre as much as it is an art show. The artists in the exhibition include, Amabouz Taturo, Jean-Marie Appriou, Dran, Philippe Grandrieux, Petrit Halilaj, Anna Hulačová, Binelde Hyrcan, Takashi Kuribayashi, Aurélie Lanoiselée, Sharon Lockhart, Keita Miyazaki, Yuko Mohri, Jonathan Monaghan, Chihiro Mori, Mathieu Rousso, Ugo Rondinone, Megan Rooney, Rachel Rose, Kiki Smith, Tomoaki Suzuki, Sika Viagbo (Atelier lilikpó), Sabrina Vitali, Yûichi Yokoyama and Andy Warhol.

Another Banana Day for the Dream-Fish  is co-organized with the Japan Foundation and is part of Japonismes 2018, a programme celebrating the work of Japanese artists and artisans.

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