Jenny Holzer presents solo exhibition ARE YOU ALIVE? in Ibiza, Spain

Jenny Holzer presents solo exhibition ARE YOU ALIVE? in Ibiza, Spain

From 21 June, the work of Jenny Holzer is presented in a solo exhibition displayed in two galleries in Ibiza, Spain. ARE YOU ALIVE? features works which incorporate the artist’s signature use of text, literature and public space. The exhibition runs at both Art Projects Ibiza and Lune Rouge until 17 December 2016.

Works on display include a number of LED installations such as, All Fall, an arrangement of numerous LED displays in a three dimensional composition. Holzer is famed for her engagement with LED displays and has experimented with the medium for over thirty years. Two of the three digital editions by Holzer available on Sedition, One-Liner and Sensibility, are derived from her early experiments with LED displays.

In addition to the LED works, ARE YOU ALIVE? includes some of the artist’s inscribed stone and marble benches and a new commission. Both the benches and the LED works feature texts from the artist’s Truisms and Survival series. The newly commissioned work will see the artist engraving poetry on rocky surfaces – including boulders and cliff-faces – which are distinctive parts of the Ibiza landscape.


ARE YOU ALIVE? is on at Art Projects Ibiza and Lune Rouge located at Sala, 9B and 7, Calle Alcalde Bartomeu Rosselló, 07800, Ibiza, Spain, from 21 June-17 December 2016.

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