Edge To Air: DENK Gallery

Edge To Air: DENK Gallery

Yann Novak presents two new works in a group exhibition at DENK Gallery in Los Angeles. Edge to Air brings together works by five contemporary Los Angeles artists: Mara De Luca, Tim Ebner, Katy Ann Gilmore and Andy Kolar and Novak. Novak is the only exhibiting multimedia artist; Gilmore, De Luca, Kolar and Ebner work with paint.

The works in the exhibition explore two related fields of abstract art - color field and hard edge - and their interplay. Color Field painting is concerned with the properties and interactions of color. Gesture, formal variation and the role of the artist are minimised in order to foreground color. In Hard Edge painting, transitions between color are abrupt. Areas of color are often one unvarying shade, emphasising the relationship between neighbouring colors. 

Mara De Luca, BEAUMONT, 2017

The artists exhibiting in Edge to Air do not align neatly with either Color Field or Hard Edge abstraction but each have links to both. Together, the works in the exhibition constitute an exploration of interacting color and form. The work of Gilmore and Kolar in particular references Hard Edge, while Novak, De Luca and Ebner are more closely aligned with Color Field; however all works blend the two areas of abstract art. 

Edge to Air presents different artistic approaches to exploring color and abstraction. The works collectively consider the relationship between light and surface, optics and psychology, providing insights into what color is and how it is processed by humans and by machines.


Edge to Air runs from 20 July to 7 September at DENK Gallery, 749 E. Temple St., Los Angeles, CA 90012

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