Frederik de Wilde explores AI and the quantum vaccuum

Frederik de Wilde explores AI and the quantum vaccuum

From 24 - 27 May Frederik De Wilde will showcase new work at the Athens Digital Art Festival (ADAF) as part of the Post Human Futures screening by Sedition. The screening examines a universe in which human decision making is irrelevant beside the decisions and volition of machines and matter. 

SoN01R is an audiovisual artwork by de Wilde in collaboration with Frederik Vanhoutte and the Australian National University’s Department of Quantum Science. The piece explores the quantum vacuum by transforming data captured from a quantum source by the University into dynamic, real-time data visualisation and sonification. In classical physics, empty space-time is called the vacuum. The classical vacuum is utterly featureless. However, in quantum mechanics (applicable to microscopic phenomena), the vacuum is a much more complex entity. It is far from featureless and far from empty. SoN01R demonstrates that something can be generated out of (almost) nothing in the quantum vacuum.

As well as showing SoN01R at ADAF, de Wilde has a number of projects and exhibitions in the pipeline. The projects include xxx-cavat0r_©, a generative machine learning based artwork which explores the radical creation of novel imaginary cities, landscapes and archives. The artwork is based on existing aerial point cloud data made with drones equipped with a LiDAR scanner, and interpreted by machine learning algorithms to create new ad hoc digital cities and landscapes visualised, sonified and ‘dreamed’ by an AI.

This Spring/Summer De Wilde is undertaking a residency in Brussels, presenting work at the BOZAR center for contemporary arts and GLUON as well as exhibiting xxx-cavat0r at x-festival for art, science and technology in Belgium. Studio de Wilde are also in residency at the MOODY Center for the Arts in the USA, and de Wilde is exhibiting in group exhibition Future World at the Art & Science Museum at Marina Bay, Singapore until 2019.

xxx-cavat0r_© by Studio Frederik De Wilde_2018 from frederik de wilde on Vimeo.

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