Frederik De Wilde, born in Belgium in 1975, works at the intersection of art, science and technology and studied fine arts, philosophy, new media arts and design. The inaudible, intangible and invisible are at the crux of his practice.

“I cross-examine the artwork and its limits, the conventions of the exhibition, production, reception, distribution, interpretation [...] my coexistence with the sciences aims to explore new angles from which art can be understood. How do we connect the blind spots, respectively, art and science? This seems to me a crucial question.” – Frederik De Wilde

De Wilde has exhibited internationally including the Royal Academy of Arts and Sciences of Belgium, 2016; Rome Media Art Festival, Italy, 2016; Los Angeles Center for Digital Art, USA, 2015; ZKM, Germany, 2015; Science Gallery Dublin, Ireland, 2009/15/16/17; BOZAR Electronic Art Festival, Belgium, 2016. Between 2008 and 2010 he collaborated with US universities and NASA to produce a series of pioneering artworks in ‘nano-black’ made from carbon nanotubes (CNTs). The project, which presents the blackest-black, received the Ars Electronica Next Idea Award and the Best European Collaboration Award. In 2016, De Wilde brings his nano black works to the Moon in collaboration with Carnegie Mellon, NASA, AstroRobotics and Space-X. Frederik also collaborated with the KIT micro- and collective robotics lab and is a finalist of the 2013 ZKM App Art Award with the work, Coremites. De Wilde is currently a guest professor at the artscience interfaculty in The Hague, a JRC EU art science expert, essayist, screenwriter and film director.


2016 Indefinite Visions Whitechapel Gallery, London, GB
2016 Frederik De Wilde De Mijlpaal gallery, Knokke, BE
2016 Frederik De Wilde De Mijlpaal gallery, Heusden-Zolder, BE
2015 Black2 Glazen Huis, NL
2015 Black2 LUCA school of arts, Brussels, BE
2015 SECRETS Science Gallery, Dublin, IE
2015 Globale: Exo-Evolution ZKM Media Museum, Karlsruhe, Germany