Guli Silberstein: Screening in Digital World

Guli Silberstein: Screening in Digital World

Guli Silberstein delivers news that FILE Electronic Langauge International Festival and Visual Container TV present his video pieces coinciding with his new artwork collection In-formations launched on Sedition.

Matter & Light, a seven-minute video work, will be shown at FILE Electronic Language International Festival, SAO PAULO 2022 - SUPERCREATIVITY from 13th July to 28th August 2022.


With a video glitch technique, Matter & Light shows a compilation of humans and nature in the artist’s distinctive style. A fragmented, glitched image is melting and merging into another and another. The constant flow gives the sense of walking through the dream that arises and vanishes. Vibrant colour and strong contrast give a hint at the style of J.M.W Turner and Frech impressionist, the artist’s inspiration. Considering that the artwork addresses environmental issues we are facing, dream-like, subtle but abrupt changes of scenery in Matter & Light provide us with a rare insight into the human future.

FILE SAO PAULO 2022 - SUPERCREATIVITY having a theme of ‘super creativity’ straddles all disciplines, it showcases ground-breaking artworks all around the world.

A Still from Somewhere We Live in Little Loops by Guli Silberstein

Silberstein’s other outstanding video piece, Somewhere We Live in Little Loops, will be screened at Eclectic Dreams III, on Visual Container TV from 23rd July to 6th September 2022. Somewhere We Live in Little Loops captures every day of human life and composes a rhythmic and hypnotic visual poem. Working with a machine learning based video-prediction technology, Silberstein turned ordinary moments into eerie, abstract beauty. Since the next frame prediction technology can be understood as an analogy to the human sensory process, it lets us think about how a computer sees humans and nature and how humans collaborate with machines from a creative perspective. 

As a part of the video art programme on Visual container TV, Eclectic Dreams III, Somewhere We Live in Little Loops will present its peculiar aesthetics suggesting a new category of video art. 

A Still from Bodyland by Guli Silberstein

Guli Silberstein has been creating digital video experiences and pursuing particular processing techniques and moving collages. While Silberstein has dealt with human conditions and the relationship between humans, nature and machines, researching digitalised materials and software has continued to fuel his artistic exploration. With his latest artwork collection In-formations, we can see the artist’s radical and transformative way to seek a new possibility inherent in digital art. 

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Top image: A Still from Matter & Light by Guli Silberstein

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