Hold the Horizon Close

Hold the Horizon Close

From 24 October to 29 November a group exhibition featuring work by LoVid, Paul Gabrielli and Agathe Snow is on display at Marquee Projects in New York. Curated by Benjamin Tischer of New Discretions, Hold the Horizon Close is the fifth guest-curated show at the gallery. 

The exhibition presents a selection of works which deal with “the sincerity of landscape” (Benjamin Tischer). Informed by each artist and collective’s individual perspective and methods, the works on display explore landscape as something both shifting and monumental and the horizon as a powerful divide, a meeting point, the source of optical illusion and a physical phenomenon. “The sun rises. The sun sets on all. There is forever a future in the distance” (Benjamin Tischer).

LoVid, Fr;ndly Fir3, 2020. Image via Marquee Projects.

The explorations of landscape by LoVid displayed in Hold the Horizon Close echo the duo’s wider practice, which combines video, textiles and a foregrounding of physical, analogue electronics. Fr;ndly Fir3, a 2020 single channel video work, is presented as a digital file on a unique printed USB drive, while Drought Picnic combines photo-collage and dye sublimation print on satin, Ice Age and Pop Fly, vibrant inkjet prints on bamboo paper, are part of a collection of inkjet pieces which engage with the space where physical and digital landscapes meet. “Though LoVid are known for employing analog electronic feedback as the source of their visual output, this snared energy often takes physical form, and they are increasingly embedding nature into their signal. Presented here are continuations of their “paintings,” melding terrain and technology through craft: lush hyperspaces which offer both confusion and comfort. Also present are abstract works on paper taken straight from the voltaic realm, making solid the bandwidths in which we live” (Tischer). 

Agathe Snow, POISON, 2019. Image via Marquee Projects.

Agathe Snow, We’re All Gonna Die, 2020. Image via Marquee Projects.

Moving away from her performance and sculptural works, in Hold the Horizon Close Agathe Snow presents a series of bold and intimate paintings on canvas and board, titled Layers between Earth and Sky (developed during a residency at the Elaine de Kooning House), which explore the movement and stasis of the seasons. Also on display are two handmade collages by the artist, and a powerful outdoor sculptural piece We’re All Gonna Die, made with life vests and PVC piping, which evokes and suspends the movement of bodies through space, and references journeys into the unknown, frantic escape and the fine line between safety and danger. 

Paul Gabrielli, Untitled, 2020. Image via Marquee Projects.

Paul Gabrielli, Untitled, 2020. Marquee Projects.

Paul Gabrielli meanwhile presents a selection of his elegant and illusory sculptures made from everyday objects which are assembled, carefully altered and embellished with handmade elements. “Recent work has focused on shelves: used and worn, household, kitchen, garage. These humble forms serve as both domestic signifiers and literal horizons. His most recent additions to the series introduce “packaging” painted as ombré backdrops for these sculptures—a faux hanging device—invoking first light” (Tischer).


Hold The Horizon Close is at Marquee Projects, 14 Bellport Lane, Bellport, New York until 29 November.

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