John Sorensen-Jolink exhibition combining dance and interior design

John Sorensen-Jolink exhibition combining dance and interior design

Alongside the launch of his Unconscious Forms collection on Sedition, John Sorensen-Jolink presents a solo exhibition at 7 Wooster Street in New York City from 16-21 May. _Home Unimprov is part of NYCxDesign and is organised by Frederique Thiollet of Hotel Particulier.

_Home Unimprov is an immersive installation which combines live performance, three custom iterations of Coil + Drift’s arc-back Soren chair (to be sold through Hotel Particulier) and a three-channel video installation titled Unconscious Forms. The installation explores the way the body interacts with its environment through three sequences of choreographic dialogues. The piece was made in collaboration with photographer/videographer Charlie Schuck and features performers Marla Phalen and Stephen Xue with choreography, set and object design by Sorensen-Jolink. The chair is a reimagining of Sorenson-Jolink’s Soren chair

John Sorensen-Jolink is the founder and designer of the Coil and Drift design studio. While working as a professional dancer, and craving a more concrete and financially viable creative process, he discovered woodwork. He is now a full time designer whose pieces are shaped by the concepts and practices he learned as a dancer. The result is an interesting interplay between human and non human forms which is explored in the exhibition.

My goal is to show people, through the lens of design, that these objects have life. People say that if you live with pieces you love, it kind of changes your life. I agree with that and think that the reason these objects change you is because they have an energy. We talked about that flow of energy through a dancer’s body—if you can see objects in that way, maybe you can have a bit more awareness in your everyday life.

– John Sorensen-Jolink, interview in Surface Magazine.

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