LoVid: New York Electronic Arts Festival 2019

LoVid: New York Electronic Arts Festival 2019

LoVid are exhibiting two projects as part of the 2019 New York Electronic Arts Festival from 25 May to 11 August.

LoVid’s experimental film work BikeBox R(i)de is presented as part of a group exhibition following the theme Physical and Digital: multifaceted visions in electronic art. The exhibition features the work of Julia Sinelnikova, Amy Youngs, LoVid, Zahra Poonawala, Alexander Hahn, Susie Ibarra, Michael Schumacher, Morehshin Allahyari and Amanda Gutiérrez and is accompanied by the Russian Sound Art Showcase (RSAS), a compilation of multi-channel Sound Art by Russian sound artists working in Moscow and Saint-Petersburg. LoVid’s exhibited work is a bike-led documentation of a neighbourhood in Chicago, produced in collaboration with Blackstone Bicycle Works and Douglas Repetto and filmed at the hands and wheels of a group of young Chicago cyclists.

On 15 June LoVid present an afternoon workshop, Left Footprints (work in progress) at the New York Hall of Science. Produced in collaboration with media artist and coder Tyler Henry, the workshop is an afternoon of multimedia experimentation in which participants build a multi layered audiovisual instrument. The instrument will interweave biological, electrical and material elements, expanding LoVid’s long-term exploration of the relationship between craft, material and digitality.

“This work reflects on humans’ impact/touch on the earth’s ecosystems as well as our psychological/internal challenges in this era of desired accountability and solutions to climate concerns, weighing action/inaction, and looking at short versus long term existential goals. In parallel and in conjunction we are also examining the ever evolving impact communication and entertainment technologies have on human perceptions of nature, space, time, and the self.


Physical and Digital: multifaceted visions in electronic art takes place at building 10A, Governor’s Island, New York.