Doug Foster: Beyond The Road

Doug Foster: Beyond The Road

Work by Doug Foster has contributed to an ambitious immersive group installation at Saatchi Gallery.

Presented from 12 June to 24 July, Beyond the Road is a durational sound and visual art installation, which combines a bespoke soundscape with works by artists and filmmakers to produce a multi-sensory, immersive experience.

Designed to be meditative and relaxing, the experience combines visual art, theatre, sound and film. The soundscape is a reconstruction of audio and visual elements from the UNKLE albums The Road: Part I and The Road: Part II / Lost Highway; Beyond the Road was developed by James Lavelle of UNKLE in collaboration with Colin Nightingale and Stephen Dobbie of Punchdrunk. The form taken by the installation is led primarily by this sound element; visual elements build dialogues with a site-specific sound composition as well as with one another, creating an audiovisual journey spanning multiple spaces across the top floor of the Saatchi Gallery.

The artists whose work is featured in Beyond The Road are Danny Boyle, Jonas Burgert, Nathan Coley, Alfonso Cuaron, Toby Dye, Doug Foster, Azzi Glasser, John Isaacs, Tupac Martir, Polly Morgan, David Nicholson, Norbert Schoerner, John Stark, Warren Du Preez & Nick Thornton-Jones.


Beyond the Road is at Saatchi Gallery from 12 June to 24 July