LoVid: Thread Through The Eye

LoVid: Thread Through The Eye

From 5 to 30 September LoVid presents a solo exhibition, Thread Through The Eye, at the Made In NY Media Center. The exhibition, supported by Sedition, is part of IFP Week 2019, the annual conference presented by IFP and the Media Center, which brings thousands of creative professionals from around the world to New York each year.

Thread Through The Eye celebrates LoVid’s experimental collisions of digital and analog media which give unique insight into the physicality of digital media and the far-reaching effects of recent developments in image and sound making. Splicing new and historic techniques, LoVid’s work combines digital and analogue, networked and tactile. Rather than focusing on the hardware-software binary LoVid takes an open approach to the qualities of different materials, textures and surfaces. 

Still from Pink Pop Gulp

Still from Plastic Road Movie

Fifteen works by the artist duo are shown on a multi-screen display in the IFP Gallery. The display has been made possible by Sedition; the artworks in the exhibition are digital editions launched by LoVid on Sedition, who have worked with New York Media Center on the artwork display and logistics. 

Still from Public Space Surveillance

The works presented in Thread Through The Eye are each available on Sedition as digital editions; a limited number of each is available to digital art collectors, who can view the works on their smartphones, TVs and tablets. 


Thread Through the Eye is presented at the Made in NY Media Center from 5 to 30 September. The exhibition opens with a reception on 5 September, with LoVid in attendance.

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