Michael Craig-Martin: Sculpture

Michael Craig-Martin: Sculpture

A solo exhibition of sculptural works by Michael Craig-Martin is currently showing at Gagosian in London. The exhibition, titled Sculpture, runs until 23 August.

Sculpture brings a series of monumental sculptures by the artist to London for the first time and marks the first time the series of works have been exhibited indoors.

The sculptures on display continue Craig-Martin’s foregrounding of the power of everyday objects. Items often overlooked or given little significance - paperclips, scissors, bottle openers - are in fact marvels of design, engineering and innovation. To see this, we need to learn to look again at the objects we are surrounded by. Craig-Martin’s work emphasises the formal beauty, functional integrity and cultural significance of everyday objects. 

As well as examining the power and potential of everyday objects, Craig-Martin’s work also considers perception and representation; his paintings, sculptures and videos explore the relationship between artwork, space and viewer. In recent years the artist has focused on sculptures which render line drawings of quotidien objects in three dimensions. The works on display in Sculpture are part of this strand of work.

In Sculpture, six sculptures between three and four metres in height stand in the gallery. Made from powder-coated steel, large enough for visitors to walk beneath, through and around. The works are monumental in scale but have a light, line-drawn quality; their discreet embedding in the floor contradicts their steel composition. At times they appear as two dimensional drawings, lending a flatness to the gallery space; at other times their three-dimensionality is revealed with motion and the presence of visitors in the space.


Sculpture by Michael Craig-Martin is at Gagosian, 6–24 Britannia Street, London WC1X 9JD from 31 May to 23 August.

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