Matthew Biederman and Pierce Warnecke: Sonmifacient Signals

Matthew Biederman and Pierce Warnecke: Sonmifacient Signals

On 10 July, Pierce Warnecke and Matthew Biederman shared their project Somnifacient Signals as part of a Patch Pulse event organised by Gray Area. 

Patch Pulse is a regular series of online events designed to showcase audiovisual collaborations by multimedia artists. Other artists who have recently presented work as part of Patch Pulse include AOKI takamasa, Michele Seippel,  Sugarlift, Xyla and Somni. 

The July 10 edition featured work by Biederman & Warnecke, IDHAZ and rose cherami. IDHAZ’s work combines sounds from a variety of sources including synth, Gameboy elements, R&B vocals to create rich and immersive soundscapes. For Patch Pulse IDHAZ presented a live performance with visuals by fellow true indigo cofounder rose cherami.

Pierce Warnecke and Matthew Biederman presented a live performance of their collaborative work Somnifacient Signals, featuring visuals by Biederman and audio by Warnecke. The piece seeks to travel while stationary, sending signals between the artists’ current locations - Montreal and the Alps. Images, sound and video were recorded and processed live in a performance which explored techniques for travel and discovery in restricted times. Somnifacient Signals is a time capsule, recording and distorting some of the images, communicative infrastructures and discourses of contemporary culture as they generate, degenerate, connect and disconnect. 

On 2 September Biederman and Warnecke launch a collection of works derived from the performance on Sedition.

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